Studio of Exhaustion

Clifton Meador

Recent artist’s books.



Print on Demand
A low-resolution 
train trip from Tucson to Charlotte.
454 pages
4.25 by 6.875 inches

Unlimited edition

Dead Life
Dye sublimation on cotton twill with an engraved aluminum spine
12 by 24 inches

Edition of 10
Project statement


 Out of Print

Offset lithography
64 pages
8.5 x 11 inches;

Edition of 50


Digitally printed
Eight 24-page booklets, housed in a lasercut paper box
6 by 8.5 inches

Edition of 30

Photobooks were a ubiquitous form of propaganda in the Soviet Union—photo albums of famous cities and regions, souvenirs of internal tourism, these books intended as souvenirs or gifts.  But hidden within these bland visual books are layers of mythic narratives of suspicion, exploitation, greed, envy, and control.

Before the Soviet Union fell apart, it was always spinning apart.

Funeral Jar
Digitally printed 
32 pages
6 by 13.5 inches
Sewn with paper cover

Edition of 25

A typographic excavation of Thomas Browne’s 1658 Hydrotaphia