Studio of Exhaustion

Clifton Meador

Recent artist’s books.



Crossing the Oxus
Offset Lithography in three colors.
24 pages with paper covers
7 x 11 inches

Edition of 75

Project Statement
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Print on Demand
A low-resolution 
train trip from Tucson to Charlotte.
454 pages
4.25 by 6.875 inches

Unlimited edition

Whisky Defense
Offset lithography in four and five colors at Nexus Press
Case bound

Edition of 600

Project Statement
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Ghost Rush
48 pages 
5.5 x 8.5 inches
Paper cover with flaps
Printed at the Jack Sinclair Letterpress Studio at the University of Arizona

Edition of 30

“The West” is a pervasive American myth and still potent for many people. This myth was built from tales of rugged individuals conquering a wilderness, stories of brave men and women fighting nature and indigenous people to claw out a life of freedom, though the exact nature of that freedom is hard to define. This myth hangs heavily over American politics, like a vulture looking for something dead.

On the Occasion of the Plague
Risographed in five colors
22 pages
11 x 17 inches
Wire-o binding

Edition of 20
Project statement
Out of print

Studio of Exhaustion